The Judicial Confirmation Network is up with a website and three ads attacking three perceived frontrunners to replace retiring Justice David Souter on the Supreme Court.

The website,, displays three videos that target Solicitor General Elena KaganElena KaganOvernight Energy: EPA watchdog slams agency chief after deputy fails to cooperate in probe | Justices wrestle with reach of Clean Water Act | Bipartisan Senate climate caucus grows Justices wrestle with reach of Clean Water Act Justices appear divided over expanding police officers' traffic stop power MORE, U.S. Appeals Court Judges Diane Wood and Sonia Sotomayor. The website asks viewers to vote for who is the "worst liberal judicial activist."

The first ad hits Kagan for attempting to ban military recruiters from Harvard Law's campus when she was dean there. The recruiters were banned because of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

Notably the ad doesn't mention that Yale Law fought, unsuccessfully, for the same thing. Here's betting it will come up if Harold Koh, a former Yale Law dean who has been mentioned as a contender, gets nominated.

The next video argues against Wood for ruling that, I believe, students couldn't gather to pray on law school campuses and ruling against peaceful abortion demonstrators.

And for Sotomayor, the video appears to be arguing that she ruled, on the grounds of affirmative action (I think), that race should be a criteria in fire fighter promotions.