Members of the Cleveland Cavaliers locked arms during the national anthem ahead of their season opener against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday.

The team, including star player LeBron James, linked their arms but did not kneel during the national anthem. The Celtics did not link arms.

Video of the team's members locking arms before the game was posted to Twitter by Sports Illustrated.


Many in the media have wondered if NBA stars would kneel during the anthem like NFL players have to protest racial injustice. President Trump began attacking players who kneel during the anthem last month.

Some NFL players locked arms to show solidarity with players who knelt during the anthem after Trump's initial attacks.

James has spoken out against Trump before, including after Trump’s initial attacks on the protesting NFL players and Trump disinviting Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry from the White House.

James said in an emotional video last month that Trump was using sports to divide the country.

“We, as American people, need to actually just come together even more stronger man,” James said. “This is a very critical time and me, in the position I am, I had to voice this to y'all.”

Trump began blasting NFL players who kneel during the anthem last month, referring to them as “sons of bitches” and saying owners should fire any players who protest.