Stephanie Cutter, currently the Treasury Department's communication director, will move to the White House to help shepherd the eventual Supreme Court nominee through the confirmation process.

Cutter a long-time aide to Ted Kennedy, was chief of staff to Michelle Obama during the 2008 campaign and was chief spokeswoman for the transition team. At Treasury, she's helped Tim Geithner navigate the media frenzy surrounding the financial crisis.

Ed Henry first reported the decision on CNN:
Stephanie Cutter known for very sharp elbows, number one. And number two, it shows that picking her now, they're getting ready to make this pick. It's not likely to be this week, I'm told, but probably the week after, end of May, beginning of June. They want to do it, White House aides say, before the president leaves for Egypt for this Muslim speech, because they know they've got to get it to the Senate and get that process going, because as you said, conservatives are gearing up for a fight here.