Which is May 18 here in Washington. From the Times of London:
"The King said that he was prepared to believe what Israelis have told him -- that a right-wing Government in Israel is better able to deliver peace than the Left.

'All eyes will be looking to Washington,' he said. 'If there are no clear signals and no clear directives to all of us, there will be a feeling that this is just another American Government that is going to let us all down.'

If Israel procrastinated on a two-state solution, or if there was no clear American vision on what should happen this year, the 'tremendous credibility' that Mr Obama had built up in the Arab world would evaporate overnight.

And if peace negotiations were delayed, there would be another conflict between Arabs or Muslims and Israel in the next 12-18 months, with implications far beyond the Middle East.

'If the call is in May that this is not the right time or we are not interested, then the world is going to be sucked into another conflict in the Middle East,' the King said."