At his daily press briefing, Robert Gibbs fired back at former Vice President Dick CheneyDick CheneyKinzinger welcomes baby boy Sen. Ron Johnson: Straight from the horse's mouth Budowsky: When Dr. King, Rep. Cheney came to Washington MORE, who accused President Obama on Sunday of endangering the country. Cheney also said he would choose Rush Limbaugh's version of the Republican Party over Colin Powell's.

Gibbs said he was "struck" by "watching the former president and former vice president take markedly different views to their lives, post-their administration."

Former President Bush has not made any public criticism of Obama, in sharp contrast to Cheney.

Gibbs continued:
"I think the answer that he gave to the future of the Republican Party, picking Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell was an illuminating answer about what you're going to see going forward. I think you've got a series of ideas and a series of thoughts that in many ways the last election was about and the last election rejected ...They're essentially going forward by looking back, and if the vice president believes that's a way of growing and expanding the Republican Party, then we're happy to leave them to those devices."

(h/t: The Page)