Rep. Mary Fallin (R-Okla.) says President Obama's budget, the details of which will be released today, is tantamount to "taxation without representation."

In an op-ed today, Fallin argues that because Obama's budget will result in a deficit, it amounts to a tax on future generations, who are not currently represented in Congress.

"These taxpayers, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, haven't been born yet. So they are not being represented today," she wrote. "That's taxation without representation of the worst kind."

Fallin, who is running for Governor of Oklahoma in 2010, used her argument to defend the recent tea parties.

"Some critics of the tea parties claimed that, unlike the original Boston Tea Party, we no longer have taxation without representation," she wrote. "Sadly, the spending going on in Washington isn't being applied against today's taxes."

Stay tuned for more GOP reaction to today's budget announcement. (Republicans don't seem thrilled with the $17 billion in cuts announced last night.)