Gov. Sarah Palin's (R) favorability numbers in Alaska have taken a dip in the last month, according to a new Hays Research poll.

The poll, released Thursday, found that Palin continues to be viewed favorably by a majority of Alaskans. Fifty-four percent view her favorable, including 30 percent that view her very positively.

Those numbers represent a drop from a Hays poll conducted at the end of March. Nearly six in 10 respondents - 59 percent - viewed Palin favorably in that survey, including 35 percent that has a very favorable view.

Palin's unfavorables have increased, though only slightly. Nearly 42 percent view her unfavorably now, while 39 percent had that view at the end of March. About a quarter view her very unfavorably now and about 21 percent viewed her unfavorably in the previous poll.

It is worth noting that both polls only surveyed 400 respondents and have a large margin of error - plus or minus 5 percent.

This month:

Last month:

UPDATE: The Anchorage Daily News points out something I missed: Palin's numbers have dropped much more dramatically over the last year.
That's a dramatic change from the 86 percent positive and just 9 percent negative Hays reported in a poll on Palin almost exactly a year ago. It's also down from a survey taken six weeks earlier.