A match up between former Pennsylvania Tom Ridge (R) and Sen. Arlen Specter (D!-Pa.) in next year's Pennsylvania Senate race would be a dead heat, according to a poll released Monday.

The poll that Ridge leads Specter by one point, 39 percent to 38 percent - a statistical tie. Specter beat Republican challenger former Rep. Pat Toomey 42 percent to 36 percent.

Susquehanna Polling and Research conducted the poll, which was sponsored by a pro-business political action committee.

The poll flew somewhat under the radar Monday as most focused on the Quinnipiac poll that found similar results.

A Ridge-Specter showdown certainly would be exciting but it's a long way from happening. Ridge has expressed interest in the race but no poll yet has tested how well he'd perform against Toomey in the closed Pennsylvania GOP primary (at least, that I'm aware of). On top of that, Specter may face a tough primary against Joe Torsella, who is running, or Rep. Joe Sestak, who continues to mull a bid.