Looks like first term Rep. Tom Perriello of Virginia is the latest Democrat to say he opposes the Employee Free Choice Act.

Perriello, who defeated Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Va.) last year, said as much in a recent address to the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Danville Register Bee Reports.

And in addition to opposing the controversial bill, Perriello also predicted that the legislation won't come up for a vote because it doesn't have enough support in the Senate.

Here are the key grafs:
Perriello pinned his viewpoint on Sen. Arlen Specter's statement last month, which Specter repeated Friday on the Senate floor, that the legislation would hurt the economy.

"Senator Specter's decision a few weeks ago really put this thing to rest," Perriello said, before adding that it's possible lawmakers could reach a compromise on the bill.

Specter, of Pennsylvania, switched parties this week, becoming a Democrat. Specter said his independent streak allowed him to retain his position on the card-check bill.

Perriello, who said he opposes card-check, predicted it wouldn't come up for a vote in the House unless the Senate acts.

UPDATE: Perriello's office has sent over the following statement clarifying his position on EFCA. Turns out he supports it after all.
Rep. Tom Perriello continues to support the Employee Free Choice Act and the principles of bringing our labor laws in line with the economy and technology of the 21st century. He also continues to argue for a compromise on the bill that would keep the anti-intimidation and arbitration provisions, but replace the "card check" components with a highly expedited and monitored secret-ballot election process. Rep. Perriello hopes that the legislative process will produce a bill that is optimal for workers, small businesses, and the middle class.