Trump merchandise in Black Friday sales earns mockery online

The Trump name is a selling point in some Black Friday sales this year, but that hasn't stopped some online customers from mocking the merchandise for sale.

President Trump’s campaign is offering 30 percent off in the campaign’s online store on Friday. Items available range from a dog collar labeled #MAGA to a Make America Great Again hat-shaped cover for a golf driver.

The Republican National Committee advertised the “huge” sale Friday, earning mockery on Twitter.

Another item available in the store, a Make America Great Again hat ornament, has accrued a variety of politically-tinged reviews on Amazon. Mashable noted a number of “fake, but nevertheless hilarious” reviews on the merchandise site last year, and the available customer reviews are replenished for 2017.

One 2017 review, in a likely reference to the ongoing investigation into Trump officials’ ties to Russia, noted that the customer’s Russian nesting doll ornaments “have embraced [the MAGA hat] with open arms.”