If at first you don't succeed, try, try again - or at least form a new council. Facing a disastrous news cycle, prominent Republicans will try to change the message on Thursday with the formation of a new council that will seek to re-brand and revitalize the GOP.

Republicans are announcing the "National Council for a New America," an effort led by, as the Washington Post reports, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. John McCain, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt RomneyEx-Trump aide Pierson planning run for Congress Five takeaways from CPAC 2021 Trump shows he holds stranglehold on GOP, media in CPAC barnburner MORE and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is also involved, as are a slew of other members of Congress. Evidently House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) played a role in creating the group.

Here's the council's mission:
"The NCNA will bring together citizens from across the country to begin a dialogue with the American people through a series of forums, town halls, and an online effort that will engage people in a discussion to meet our common challenges and build a stronger country through common-sense ideas...The NCNA will be a dynamic, forward-looking organization that will amplify the common-sense and wisdom of our fellow citizens through a grassroots dialogue with Republican leaders."

Notably, Michael Steele and the Republican National Committee do not appear to be involved.

The group seems to be something of a think tank to come up with new alternatives to President Obama and the Democrats' agenda. It will put those ideas on display in the forums mentioned above, the first of which is Saturday at a restaurant in Northern Virginia.

Just asking, but could this be any better for Mitt Romney as he looks ahead to 2012? The same could be said for Jindal, but Romney will likely benefit more because he doesn't hold office. Because of that, if this works, he could be labeled the GOP outsider that helped saved the party.