James Carville's new book dishes the dirt on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and slams pollster Mark Penn for suffering "fatal confusion" about basic elements of the rimary.

Greg Sargent got his hands on an advance copy, which includes a number of nuggets:
Mark Penn, Carville says, was a key factor in Hillary's defeat, because he "suffered fatal confusion on the subject of delegates." Carville hits Penn for reportedly not understanding that California was not a winner-take-all state, so his strategy hinged too heavily on winning it. Carville terms this a "spectacular error."

"The 'inevitability' strategy was just plain dumb," Carville writes. "It played into a preexisting perception among many voters, and literally all of the media, that she felt that she was entitled to the nomination." He also charges the campaign made a "flawed" decision to be as aggressive as possible with the press because they'd concluded "the press didn't like them."