Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) thinks everyone needs to calm down about the swine flu. In a video posted on YouTube, Paul compares the panic to the flu outbreak of 1976, arguing neither posed a risk equal to the government's reaction.
"The flu came, and the flu went, and one person died. Except for those individuals who died from getting the flu vaccine. And over 25 people died just from getting the vaccine, and many got ill from it until finally they had to suspend the whole program. But here we are once again, the swine flu coming up, and everybody's panicking."

Speaking of the current panic, Paul says "It's practically like we've been attacked by nuclear weapons." He criticized the government for overreacting and delegating medical decisions to the Department of Homeland Security.

"How did the Department of Homeland Security get into the medical business?"

Well, to be fair, Health and Human Services is missing a Secretary....