In a wide-ranging profile airing on 60 Minutes tonight, Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden looks to shore up lead in S.C. Hillicon Valley: Dems cancel surveillance vote after pushback to amendments | Facebook to ban certain coronavirus ads | Lawmakers grill online ticketing execs | Hacker accessed facial recognition company's database Vulnerable Democrats brace for Sanders atop ticket MORE talks about the transition from Senator to Veep, his relationship with the President, and Dick Cheney's criticisms of the administration.

Biden says his desire to be one of Obama's closest advisers has come to fruition.

"On every major decision the President has actually sought my advice," Biden says.

Secretary of State Clinton also praises the Vice President's counsel.

"He has been at the highest levels of American foreign policy decision making," Clinton says. "And we all listen to him.

Biden admits that it has taken some time to get used to playing second fiddle:
Well, it's like, for example, I would ordinarily have picked up the phoned and called the captain of that ship as Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee. Well, it's not appropriate for me to do that. I mean, the President did it right away. Do you follow me?

And of course, you want to know if there are any gaffes, right? Not really, but conservatives will likely seize on Biden's response to criticisms that Obama has been apologizing to foreign countries for America's behavior:
[S]aying we should close Guantanamo is not an apology. It' a reflection of a fact that the policy that we engaged in made us weaker in the world. He didn't go out and say, 'Oh, my god, the fact that the last administration did these things--we're so sorry.' He did say--he just said, "we don't do torture any more."

We also get treated to some family anecdotes that no-doubt serve to humanize the Vice President a bit. For example, he still calls his two sons, ages 39 and 41, "honey."

And the Bidens are enjoying their new digs at the Naval Observatory:
STAHL: Joe Biden was always one of the poorest Senators. They always said that every time the tax returns came out: "Joe Biden, One of the poorest--

JOE: That hasn't changed.

JILL: Now he's the poorest Vice President