Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman (D) took a couple of shots at President Obama this week, suggesting the President has damaged the reputation of "Sin City" and has been too slow in doling out stimulus dollars.

In an interview with CNN's John King, Goodman said Obama had hurt the city's economy when he commented that bailed out firms should not be taking trips to Vegas.

"You can't get corporate jets, you can't go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer's dime," Obama said in February.

Goodman had previously criticized those remarks, but said this week that as time has passed, the comments have had a marked effect on the city's economy. He also expressed dissappointment that Obama has not yet responded to his correspondence about the matter:
GOODMAN: From January until March, we lost, I think, 341 meetings that were scheduled here. I think some of that wasn't based on what the president said, but it was on the assumption that Las Vegas represents excess and if you're getting bailout money and you're being watched, you shouldn't come here. I think that's foolish.

KING: Why haven't you talked to him or why hasn't he talked to you if this is a big deal for your city?

GOODMAN: I wrote him a letter, and when people write me a letter I respond, I think that is good manners. He has not responded.

KING: He hasn't responded to your letter?

GOODMAN: No, he hasn't.

KING: Does that strike you as a little odd as a guy who rounds up votes?

GOODMAN: Let's put it this way. I don't think it's nice. I think when somebody writes a serious letter, which mine was, it was on behalf of the Convention Authority, on behalf of my city, my constituents and on behalf of this community, I would expect a reply.

Goodman added that Las Vegas's economy is also suffering due to a lack of stimulus dollars. The city was supposed to receive funds, Goodman said, but as of yet he hasn't seen a dime.
GOODMAN: So far, I haven't seen any stimulus money, I'm told we are going to get it and probably help us with our transportation and I know that there's an effort to get green-type businesses and green buildings going here. It would be helpful but we need it right now. What we have to do, we have to create jobs so that folks will be able to pay their mortgages and not lose their homes and be able to feed their families.

KING: That was passed with all this great urgency. Need to do it immediately to get the money in the pipeline and the Senate majority leader from this state, you would think if the money was available, you would have seen it by now.

GOODMAN: You would hope so, but right now I don't think we've received any dollars at this moment.

Goodman is known as a colorful character. An attorney who has previously defended alleged mobster, Goodman appeared as himself in the film "Casino." He's also passed out bobblehead dolls of himself to fellow mayors.

After showing a clip of the interview, King commented, "Oscar Goodman of Las Vegas. The only mayor I ever met with a liquor cabinet in his office."