Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) criticized President Obama's foreign policy today, arguing the President should make clear that military options are on the table to deal with North Korea and Iran.

North Korea's recent missile test and Iran's announcement that it has mastered all stages of the uranium enrichment process are "game changing events," Romney said on CNN's "Situation Room."

"Obama not only hasn't taken bold action in this regard, he's indicated he's not going to," the former Republican presidential candidate contended. "I would make it very clear we're not taking military options off the table."

Romney said the U.N. Security Council's resolution condemning the test and warning of sanctions was insufficient.

"We have so many warnings from the United Nations about things North Korea's not supposed to do that it immediately flaunts," he said.

Romney also also criticized Obama's conduct during his overseas trips. Citing Obama's speeches at the G20 summit and the Summit of the Americas, Romney called on the President to "defend America" more forcefully.

"In each case he has not risen to defend America or defend freedom," Romney said.

Romney also penned an op-ed for National Review today blasting Obama's foreign policy.