A Washington, D.C., bookstore reportedly sold out of copies of Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" minutes after its release. 

Kramerbooks ran out of the book, which chronicles President TrumpDonald TrumpPredictions of disaster for Democrats aren't guarantees of midterm failure A review of President Biden's first year on border policy  Hannity after Jan. 6 texted McEnany 'no more stolen election talk' in five-point plan for Trump MORE's first year in office, within 20 minutes of its midnight release, according to BuzzFeed News's Chris Geidner. 


Photos and video of the DuPont Circle bookstore posted online in the early hours of Friday showed a packed house as dozens of eager readers stood in line to get a copy of the bombshell book. 

"Fire and Fury" made headlines this week as excerpts surfaced in the news media ahead of its official release. Those excerpts painted a picture of a White House in chaos and sparked a feud between Trump and his former chief strategist, Breitbart News head Stephen Bannon, who is quoted speaking critically of the president and his family in the book.

Trump responded angrily to Bannon's quotes this week, releasing a sharply worded statement saying that the former chief strategist had "lost his mind" and insisting that Bannon had nothing to do with his presidency. 

Lawyers for Trump also sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bannon and accused him of violating a non-disclosure agreement. They also sent a cease-and-desist letter to the book's publisher, demanding that its publication be withheld.

The publisher, Henry Holt & Company, moved up the release date in response.