The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee sent a letter to President Obama today urging him to chase down pirates in the cities of Somalia.

"I encourage you to pursue these pirates beyond the waters we are currently patrolling and into the safe havens where they are operating," wrote Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) "Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution requires no less."

The administration has been hesitant to send forces into Somalia, fearing a repeat of the 1993 "Black Hawk Down" incident in which 18 soldiers were killed.

"In most cases we already know the cities in which they are operating and often even the names of those organizing the attacks," Sketlon said. "Pirate attacks and rhetoric have only become more brazen in recent months and cannot be allowed to continue."

Skelton argued that the ultimate solution for piracy is a stable Somalian government, but that might be years down the road. In the meantime, he argued, the United States must take swift action.

"Until a long term solution to the lack of governance in Somalia is found, the only way we can sufficiently protect our interests in the region is by seeking out the criminals who are responsible for these attacks and hijackings and bring them to justice," Skelton wrote.