Fake ‘gorilla channel’ parody of new Trump book fools media figures

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Several prominent media figures fell Friday for a parody that claimed White House staff set up a mock “gorilla channel” for Trump after he was upset that such a channel did not exist.

Twitter user @pixelatedboat, who’s known for parodying political figures and posting satire, posted an image on the social media site Thursday that purported to be an excerpt from author Michael Wolff’s hotly anticipated book on the Trump administration, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

The parody imagined Trump being upset over a lack of a “gorilla channel” on White House televisions. 

{mosads}The parody, written as if it came from Wolff’s book, described White House staff using a “hastily-constructed transmission tower” to create a “gorilla channel” for Trump that featured footage of gorillas fighting.

“To appease Trump, White House staff complied a number of gorilla documentaries into a makeshift gorilla channel, broadcast into Trump’s bedroom from a hastily-constructed transmission tower on the South Lawn. However, Trump was unhappy with the channel they had created, moaning that it was ‘boring’ because ‘the gorillas aren’t fighting,’” part of the parody read.

Several major and verified accounts on Twitter shared the parody as if it were an actual excerpt from the book, while others speculated whether it was real. Some fell for the parody and believed Trump had demanded another “gorilla channel.” Other Twitter users said they thought the the fake “gorilla channel” excerpt actually was in Wolff’s book, but was untrue.

At press time on Friday, “Gorilla Channel” was trending on Twitter, with more than 16,000 tweets.  














In an effort to stop people from falling for the obvious parody, @Pixelatedboat changed his Twitter display name to “the gorilla channel thing is a joke” on Friday.

“Wonder if this new display name will help. Probably not,” the user tweeted.





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