Democrats in the Alaska state senate have rejected Gov. Sarah Palin's (R) second nominee to fill a vacant seat. According to the Anchorage Daily News, the nine senate Democrats met behind closed doors and voted to reject Joe Nelson, admissions director of the University of Alaska Southeast, to fill the seat of former Sen. Kim Elton (D). Elton resigned to take a position in the Obama administration.

State law requires Palin to pick a Democratic replacement, and the Democratic senate caucus can confirm or reject the governor's nominee. Last week, Democrats rejected Palin's first choice, a legislative aide who only registered as a Democrat a few weeks earlier.

Democrats originally asked Palin to nominate House Minority Leader Beth Kerttula. When Palin selected Tim Grussendorf instead, the caucus rejected him and offered Palin a list of four acceptable nominees--all of whom were well connected to the state party. Nelson, who was rejected today, was not on the list.

At this point, it really seems as though both sides are digging in: if Palin picks one of the Democrats' suggestions, she'll lose face; and the senate Democrats are determined to prevent Palin from dictating who their newest colleague will be...