New York man charged with stalking Arizona Rep. Sinema
© Greg Nash

U.S. Capitol Police on Friday arrested a New York man suspected of stalking Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), NBC Washington reported.

Amos Olagunju was arrested in Sinema's office on the 7th floor of the Longworth House Office Building after three years of harassing the lawmaker, according to a special agent's affidavit.

His contact with the lawmaker comes despite multiple warnings from Capitol Police, according to the document, as well as two court-ordered injunctions.


A court filing from Capitol Police stated that the congresswoman's staffers called police after Olagunju arrived at her office "and stated he had a meeting with the Congresswoman.” Police arrived and arrested him for violating the most recent injunction.

Olagunju is from Brooklyn, New York, and was warned by the New York Police Department against contacting the lawmaker in July.

He was reportedly romantically interested in Sinema, and according to NBC Washington has made multiple Facebook posts stating that she would soon marry him and carry his child.

“I believe by this time next year, you will be carrying our baby in Jesus name (Amen)," Olagunju posted in 2015.

"Do you know you’re killing me with your love? I have to see your face. I cannot sleep without you. Show me your love spiritually and physically,” another read.

Olagunju attempted to contact Sinema's office by phone as recently as November, according to NBC, and also attempted to volunteer on her campaign team.

The New York man has made at least 95 attempts to contact Sinema since 2014, according to court filings, and in 2016 attended an Arizona event where the lawmaker was also attending.

A request for comment from Sinema's office was directed to Capitol Police, which declined to comment to NBC through a spokesperson.

Sinema is the front-runner in the Democratic primary for the 2018 Senate election in Arizona.