The slim chances that Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) would challenge Sen. Lisa Murkowksi (R-AK) in a primary just got much slimmer. The Governor has announced that she plans to host a fundraiser for Murkowksi's re-election bid, all but eliminating the chances she will take on the senior senator.

"The governor has no intention of running for the senator's seat in 2010," Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton told the Anchorage Daily News. "[Palin] thinks the senator is doing a great job and that's why she's looking forward to hosting a fundraiser for her."

Ever since the 2008 election, there's been speculation that Palin might try to raise her national profile by taking on Murkowski. Stapleton said such rumors were simply "drummed up by the media."

Many observers have suggested that a move to the Senate would give Palin D.C. experience that would help her in a run for president. Palin has also not said if she plans to run for reelection as governor in 2010, which also fueled the speculation.

As the News wisely notes, there is be another path to the Senate for Palin, though. She could run for reelection in 2010 then challenge first term Sen. March Begich, a Democrat, in 2014 when his term is up.