Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) has made her second pick to fill a vacant Alaska state senate seat after Democrats in the legislature rejected her first choice.

Under state law, Palin is required to select a Democrat to fill the seat vacated by former Sen. Kim Elton (D), who accepted a position in the Obama administration. Her first choice, legislative aide Tim Grussendorf, had only registered as a Democrat a few weeks before being tapped by Palin. Grussendorf was rejected by Democrats in a closed-door confirmation vote last week. (Democrats preferred someone who had been more active in the party.) Palin objected to that process, claiming the vote should be in the open.

But Democrats showed no signs of relenting, and Palin has now selected Joe Nelson, admissions director for the University of Alaska Southeast. By no means does this end the standoff, however. Democrats had originally asked Palin to select House Minority Leader Beth Kerttula, who has criticized Palin. When Palin picked Grussendorf, Democrats rejected him and set forward four acceptable picks, including Kerttula.