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Reporter: Gorka shoved me, told me to 'f--- off'

A reporter for the website Mediaite says former White House aide Sebastian Gorka told him to "f--- off" in a heated exchange at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Caleb Ecarma, who has called Gorka a "coward" and says the ex-Trump adviser challenged him to a fight in a series of emails they exchanged last year, spoke Thursday with the Fox News contributor at the event at National Harbor, Md., just outside Washington.

In video of the exchange, Gorka appears to shove Ecarma while the two are talking and can be heard calling Ecarma "irrelevant" before walking away.

Ecarma later posted about the exchange on Twitter, alleging Gorka got angry after he asked the former White House aide if he remembered him. 

Gorka is scheduled to speak on a CPAC panel titled "The Surprising Strength of the GOP in 2018" later Thursday and is set to give an address to the conference on Saturday.

Gorka left his position as special assistant to President Trump in August, roughly a week after former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon's departure. 

He was one of Trump's most controversial advisers, primarily over his alleged ties to Hungarian fascists.