Erick Erickson: Florida shooting survivor is 'a high school bully'

Conservative writer Erick Erickson is labeling Florida high school shooting survivor David Hogg a "bully."

"He may be a survivor of the high school shooting in Parkland, FL, but he is using that position to avoid being challenged on his increasingly inane and hostile statements," Erickson wrote in a piece published on The Resurgent, the blog he runs.

"He is using his position to bully others."

Since the shooting, Hogg — along with other students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. — have become vocal advocates for gun control, demanding that lawmakers act to prevent future shootings.


Hogg has appeared on multiple networks and has called for lawmakers to enact new gun laws while also tearing into the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Hogg has also become the target of various conspiracy theories alleging he is a crisis actor who has been coached.

Erickson also accused Hogg of slandering NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and of "blaming" Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) for not stopping the shooter.

He said Hogg's attacks were "slanderous and without merit."

"David Hogg is a bully. He goes on television and knows he gets to use what happened to him as a shield to avoid criticism," Erickson wrote.

"The media allows him to attack all the targets the media would be attacking anyway. They do not question him or hold him accountable. It further emboldens him to attack others."

Erickson added that people should not take high school students seriously on any subject.

"If he cannot hold all the people who screwed up accountable because of his agenda," he wrote, "and he accuses anyone who disagrees with him of hatred, he is not someone any of us should pay attention to."