Top Hollywood talent agency cuts ties to FedEx after pressure over NRA links
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ICM Partners, a major Hollywood talent agency, has cut ties with FedEx amid public backlash over the company's business dealings with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the gun industry.

That ICM had agreed to stop doing business with FedEx was disclosed by actress Piper Perabo, who shared the news on Twitter, and was confirmed by Forbes.

"ICM Partners, one of the big talent agencies in Hollywood, just stopped using @FedEx in light of @FedEx discounts to @NRA," she tweeted. "Thank you ICM."


The move to stop using FedEx came as a number of companies sever their ties with the NRA amid a widespread public effort to oppose the lobbying giant's influence on gun policy.

Calls for tighter gun control measures emerged with force last month after a mass shooting at a South Florida high school left 17 people dead and 14 others injured.

In recent weeks, companies including Hertz, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines have ended benefits and discounts for NRA members. FedEx has come under similar pressure, but has declined to cut ties with the group. 

ThinkProgress published a report this week detailing the shipping company's ties to the gun industry and the NRA itself.