Coach fired for rejecting baseball prospect due to Colo. marijuana laws: ‘Thank your liberal politicians’
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A Texas collegiate baseball coach was fired for rejecting a potential player because his home state of Colorado legalized marijuana. 

High school senior Gavin Bell reached out to Mike Jeffcoat, the head baseball coach at Texas Wesleyan University, about their recruitment process, according to CBS Denver.

“In the past, players have had trouble passing out drug test,” Jeffcoat wrote. “We have made a decision to not take a chance on student-athletes from your state. You can thank your liberal politicians.” 


“Back then, I wasn’t even 18 to have any say in this, and now it’s being brought upon me,” Bell told CBS Denver. 

The university said Thursday that Jeffcoat had been fired over the email, according to Fox 4 News. 

President Frederick Slabach said there are student athletes on other teams from Colorado and the school would not discriminate based on geographic location or political ideology.

"I want to make sure he knows that the comments contained in that email absolutely do not express the values of this university, and we would love to have Gavin here as a student," Slabach told Fox 4. 

The Texas Wesleyan Rams have gone 11-2 this season.

Colorado, which legalized marijuana in 2012, is one of six states that allow recreational use, along with Washington, D.C.