Spirit Airlines apologies to Parkland student for flight attendant's remarks
© Wikimedia Commons

Spirit Airlines on Thursday apologized to a survivor of the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting for remarks made by a flight attendant in support of an anti-gun violence march.

The airline in a tweet responded to Kyle Kashuv, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who has made multiple appearances on Fox News and other networks in support of the Second Amendment following the shooting at his high school, which killed 17 people last month.


"Just landed in Baltimore on @SpiritAirlines and the stewardess felt compelled to give us all a speech about the March for Our Lives, which openly says on the petition are trying to categorically ban AR-15's, and made everyone clap," Kashuv tweeted.

"Can anything just be non-political anymore?" he asked.

"While we appreciate that our Team Members are individuals, we don’t believe politics should be part of the Guest experience. We are looking into the incident and apologize to any Guests offended by these comments," the company responded in a tweet about an hour later.

Other survivors of the Parkland shooting organized the March for Our Lives, a pro-gun control rally scheduled for this Saturday, in response to the shooting in the hopes of urging politicians to support stricter gun laws.

Kashuv has frequently opposed his peers' efforts to support tougher gun measures.

He recently made headlines when he claimed that CNN was avoiding conservative voices and canceled an interview with him over a retweet criticizing anchor Brooke Baldwin.

"My friend just got a call from @CNN. They're canceling my interview because I quote RTed a Tweet where @ClayTravis called @BrookeBCNN a 'fake news hypocrite' (and was quoted in the title)," Kashuv tweeted Wednesday.

"But don't worry, CNN really wants to have the other side on, as long as they're complicit," he added.