Paris mayor proposes making public transportation free to decrease pollution
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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo raised the idea earlier this week of making public transportation free in an effort to curb pollution.

Hidalgo said during an interview with French daily newspaper Les Echos that she had requested "three of her assistants to conduct a large study on the subject, which will involve French and foreign experts," ABC News reported.

“The question of free transport is one of the keys to urban mobility in which the place of pollution-causing cars is no longer central,” Hidalgo said during the interview.


“Many cities are looking into it.”

Critics of the idea have noted that the city's public transportation system brings in money and have raised questions about how free public transpit would be paid for.

Valerie Pecresse, a member of the Conservative Party in France, said “ticket sales bring in three billion euros ($3.7 billion) a year."

"We need that money,” Pecresse told French Radio Classique.

Hidalgo said the study on the issue will begin in the next few weeks. She did not specify the cost of the proposal or whether it would apply only to those residents who live inside Paris.