The Sacramento Police Department released footage on Wednesday of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man who was in his own backyard.

Stephon Clark, 22, was killed on Sunday by police who were investigating calls of a suspect smashing in car windows. Police claimed they thought the cellphone in his hand was a gun. 

Law enforcement released three videos and two audio recordings late Wednesday, according to The New York Times.


Body camera footage shows officers checking yards and speaking with neighbors before a sheriffs helicopter spots Clark in the backyard.

Officers encountered Clark in the yard around 9:30 p.m. and ordered him to show his hands. One yells “gun” before “five to seven” shots are fired, video shows.

Police continue to fire after Clark falls to the ground.

Two minutes and 50 seconds later, officers try to communicate with Clark, asking if he is alright, according to the Times. Clark does not respond and officers continue speaking to a still body.

Five minutes after the last bullet is fired, officers make their way over to Clark to check on him. He is later pronounced dead at the scene, the Times reported.

Clark was found with a cellphone and no weapons.

Massive protests broke out at City Hall after news of the shooting, delaying a NBA game for the Sacramento Kings. 

Officers involved have been put on paid leave as the city investigates the shooting.