Ah, what a glorious Monday! And you're inside. In front of your computer. Make it a bit sunnier (just don't look out the window and get depressed) with these hot headlines:

  • Obama reverses the Bush-era directive that federal funding would only be available to embryonic stem cell lines already in existence. Jeff Young has the story, and Reid Wilson gathers reaction to the executive order. Cast your vote on the policy change here.

  • On the BBR: Barney Frank isn't too teed off about bailout banks sponsoring golf tourneys.

  • Shameless self promotion: Hunter! Bolton! It's the ambassador showdown over Obama's foreign policy!

  • Rush2012.com, limbaughforpresident.com, limbaugh2012.com, limbaugh2012.org and limbaughin2012.com -- they've all been claimed recently, and Bob Cusack has the story.

  • Calif. Rep. John Campbell (R) responds to his "Atlas Shrugged" controversy on the Congress

  • Over on the Pundits Blog, Armstrong Williams thinks cutting private-school scholarships sucks, and Charlie Law notes one reason to bee happy in these tough economic times.