La. state lawmaker cites satirical article in argument against medical marijuana
© Louisiana House of Representatives

A Republican state lawmaker in Louisiana cited a satirical news article during a debate on a medical marijuana bill in the state.

Rep. Dodie Horton (R) referenced a fake article from The Daily Currant during a debate in a House committee meeting on Thursday, according to The Advocate. The article incorrectly claimed that 37 people died in 2014 on the first day that recreational marijuana was legal in Colorado. 


When Advocate reporter Elizabeth Crisp pointed out that The Daily Currant was a satirical publication and not fact, Horton said she received her information from a “so-called ‘Trusted’ source.”

“I was given this info from a so-call 'Trusted' source but now know that the story was not credible!” Horton tweeted on Thursday. 

Horton then reportedly blocked Crisp on Twitter.

“Sorry. When I hear a [Louisiana Legislature] member citing a well-known satirical website as fact, I’m going to speak up about it,” Crisp tweeted.

The Daily Currant article is no longer available online but the HuffPost wrote in April 2014 that the hoax story often tricked people into thinking marijuana was lethal.

Quoted in The Daily Currant article was a Dr. Jack Shepard, who appears to be named after a character on the TV show “Lost.” The Denver hospital listed in the spoof, St. Luke’s Medical Center, has denounced the report and said there was no Jack Shepard on staff.

Horton acknowledged that the article was false during the committee meeting but did not correct the public record or address the crowd, The Advocate reported.

The bill eventually passed through the committee 8-4 and will move to the House floor.

It would allow people with glaucoma, severe muscle spasms, intractable pain and post-traumatic stress disorder to receive prescriptions for marijuana and allow smokable marijuana, as opposed to the cannabis oil, The Advocate reported.