A 12-year-old boy was arrested in Philadelphia on Saturday after he was reportedly seen walking the street with a loaded AR-15 rifle.

Philadelphia police said 19-year-old Michael Mitchell was armed with a handgun while he was arguing with his neighbor, CBS Philly reported on Monday.

During the dispute, Mitchell reportedly asked his 12-year-old brother to go grab the AR-15.


The boy was spotted walking up the street with the loaded weapon, which was legally owned by his older brother.

Both guns were inside a car when police arrived, but the teenager reportedly tried to reach for the rifle.

“I opened up the back door of the black Ford Taurus and he reached for the AR,” Officer Krzysztof Wrzesinski said. “That’s when I yelled at him to ‘stop’ and he immediately stopped and complied.”

Mitchell was charged with a number of violations to the state Uniform Firearms Act, as well as criminal conspiracy, terroristic threats, corruption of minors and reckless engagement of another person.

Police told CBS Philly that the 12-year-old brother was also arrested on unknown charges.

Philadelphia police posted a photo of the weapon on Twitter and encouraged parents to “make sure your weapons are secured.”