It's The Obama Address: The Day After, and the drama continues with budgets and, yes, Burris:

  • Burris, who made a floor speech today advocating the D.C. Voting Rights Act (stating that taxation without representation is bad, and because D.C. residents' taxes are so high the lack of representation is even worse) and presided over the chamber, ran into J. Taylor Rushing today and said he's "upbeat" despite his shrinking fan club.

  • Molly K. Hooper reported this afternoon that provisions in the omnibus bill open funding to Saudi Arabia and Syria.

  • Meanwhile, Harry Reid and David Obey think that earmarks are A-OK.

  • Bunning speaks, and A.B. Stoddard analyzes on the Pundits Blog. Meanwhile, Kentucky's lieutenant governor says that Bunning is too embarrassing to even run for re-election.

  • Wonk takes on last night's speech from the Heritage Foundation (sounded pretty with few solutions) and the Center for Economic and Policy Research (Obama is confidence in a bottle).