Father joins 10-year-old daughter for school walkout when no one else would
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A father went to his daughter’s elementary school in Carlisle, Pa., to sign her out of class so she could participate in a school walkout that no one else was planning to attend.

Stephen Matrese went to Hamilton Elementary School on Friday to sign his daughter, 10-year-old Delilah Matrese, out of class because she wanted to protest gun violence.

Her mother, Melissa Matrese, told CNN that Delilah had “begged” to be able to walk out.


“Today my husband stood by my 10 y/o daughter because no one else in her school would,” Melissa posted on Twitter.

Her sign, reading “Not School Supplies,” depicted bullets. 

Stephen stayed with Delilah outside of the school and said no other faculty or students participated.

The school confirmed to CNN that Delilah is a student but refused to comment on the walkout.

A first grader in Alexandria, Va., named Havana Chapman-Edwards walked out on her own as well.

Her mom, Bethany Edwards, also checked her daughter out of class.

Thousands of students participated in National School Walkout day Friday to protest gun violence.

When a similar walkout was held in March one month after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, 16-year-old Justin Blackman walked out alone.

On Friday, he was joined by dozens of other students on the lawn of his North Carolina school.