Sweden unveils new road that charges electric cars while they drive
© Getty Images

Sweden is testing a new road that allows electric vehicles to charge while driving. 

The roughly 1.2 mile stretch of road outside of Stockholm, called eRoadArlanda, allows electric cars and trucks to connect to an electrified rail embedded in the middle of the pavement.

The trial is one among several projects by the Swedish Transport Administration designed to help move the country toward its goal of divesting entirely from fossil fuel–powered vehicles by 2030.


"One of the most important issues of our time is the question of how to make fossil-free road transportation a reality," eRoadArlanda Chairman Hans Säll said, according to CNN.

"We now have a solution that will make this possible, which is amazing," he added. 

If the concept behind road goes into wider use, Säll said, it would also allow electric car batteries to be smaller and lighter, because they would not need to hold a charge for as long. That would make electric vehicles cheaper and ultimately more sustainable, he said, according to CNN.

The road is safe, CNN reported, and is designed not to electrocute humans or animals. It also isn't vulnerable to malfunctions caused by rain, snow or ice.