ICE agent to woman demanding to see warrant: ‘You watch too much movies’

NBC7 San Diego

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers reportedly refused to show a suspect’s family an arrest warrant before entering their California home, telling them they’re watching “too much movies.” 

ICE agents refused to show the arrest order for Alberto Alonso-Hernandez while using a crow bar to pry open the door to their home in National City, Calif., on Tuesday NBC 7 in San Diego reported Wednesday.

The suspect’s wife, Brianna Alonso, repeatedly asked for a warrant and would not let the agents inside, according to a videotape of the encounter recorded by the suspect’s 11-year-old daughter, who also demands to see the warrant.

{mosads} “You’ve been watching too much movies,” an agent said, adding that the order would be produced “once we finish.”

Alonso is heard on the phone telling a legal assistance hotline that she has several children inside the house.

ICE agents are seen in the video coming inside the home with a riot shield and clothing marked “police.” 

ICE told NBC 7 that there was an arrest warrant signed by a federal judge. 

Alonso-Hernandez is wanted for illegally re-entering the country 16 times since 2013 and for a domestic violence conviction in 2014, 10News in San Diego reported. He was also reportedly deported once before.

His wife disputed that claim.

The agency said Tuesday’s raid followed necessary training guidelines.

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