Harvard investigating swastika pinned to public bulletin board
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Harvard University officials are reportedly investigating after a swastika was pinned to a public bulletin board in a university building.

University spokesman Sam Harp told The Boston Globe that the image was found pinned to a bulletin board in the Kresge Building, which houses part of Harvard's School of Public Health.

“The Harvard Chan School considers symbols of anti-Semitism and hatred anathema to our values and our public health mission, and we are appalled to have found such a symbol on our own campus,” Harp said.


In an email to students, the public health school’s dean of faculty Michelle Williams said the image's placement was under investigation and that the university was committed to fighting intolerance.

“We condemn any attempt to subvert the School’s bedrock commitment to inclusion and belonging and we affirm our dedication to fighting oppression and discrimination — whether subtle or overt — wherever they appear,” Williams wrote.

The symbol has also also appeared at two Boston-area high schools in recent days, the Globe reported.

The Anti-Defamation League warned in response to the incidents that the community was at risk of becoming "numb" to symbols of hate speech.

“If there’s an incident of graffiti, or someone putting swastikas up, and no one else says anything, someone else could add to it, and it could grow,” regional director Robert Trestan said, according to the Globe. “We don’t want to be in a community where we’re suddenly numb to symbols of hatred.”