A Buffalo Wild Wings in Louisiana has promised to give a homeless man free wings for a year after an employee wrote a derogatory message on the the top of his order slip.

KLPC-7 in Lake Charles reported on Monday that an employee who took the man's order wrote “For Homeless F---! Let sit and get gross,” across the top of his order. The order slip was reportedly meant to be seen by another employee and not the customer.


The man, who was not named in the report, did see the note and was in tears when he showed it to fellow customer Kailynn Weston.

"I was just really upset about it, like why would you do that, especially, and he said, 'You all know that I'm homeless, I don't have anywhere to live,' and it just really upset me," Weston said. "And I was like, that's not okay, one, for someone to treat a customer like that, let alone a customer in his condition.”

Weston told KLPC-7 that she demanded to see a manager and reported the incident.

Buffalo Wild Wings regional manager Ray Rhodes told the news station that the man will receive free wings for a year.

They will also be giving him a gift card to get clothes at Walmart and have helped put him up in a hotel room.

Rhodes said the restaurant chain will be donating hundreds of wings to a local homeless shelter.

"It's embarrassing for this gentleman and it's very inhumane on the part of the employees," Rhodes said. "It's not our culture and it's not who we are."

Rhodes said the workers involved would be no longer employed following Memorial Day.