The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission said they want an Uber driver’s taxi license revoked after he reportedly kicked a lesbian couple out of his car after they kissed.

Ahmed Elbotari’s taxi license was suspended Tuesday after a video of the incident went viral online, showing the 35-year-old driver telling the couple to exit his car for what he called “disrespectful” behavior on Saturday. 

Commission spokesman Allan Fromberg told the New York Daily News, officials are seeking to revoke the driver’s taxi license and charge him with threat, harassment and abuse, in addition to refusal to provide service based on sexual orientation. 


“This driver’s actions, if proven, were repugnant and will not be tolerated in this industry or in the city,” Fromberg told the local paper. 

Alex Iovine, 26, told the publication that she and her girlfriend of two years, Emma Pichl, 24, were just sitting in the backseat when they gave each other a kiss in the middle of a conversation.

“He yelled at us for being disrespectful and inappropriate because we pecked on the lips,” Iovine told the outlet.

The couple can be seen arguing with the driver in footage of the incident.

“Why are we not allowed to kiss in an Uber?” Iovine asked Elbotari.

“It’s disrespectful,” Elbotari said, after which the couple threatened to call the police. 

Elbotari defended his actions, telling the newspaper that the women weren’t just kissing but also were being loud and acting inappropriately in his car.

“It’s my own car. I didn’t feel comfortable with them,” Elbotari said.

“Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we have been in touch with the rider regarding her experience,” Susan Hendrick, a spokeswoman for Uber, told the paper. “We are investigating and we have removed the driver's access to the app.”