Supermarket chain apologizes after black man banned from Maine store


A grocery store in Maine has apologized after a black man said he had been asked not to return to the store after questioning how he and his wife were treated.

Shaw’s said in a statement reported by a local CBS affiliate on Friday that an employee “misinterpreted” some statements before it banned Rory Ferreira from the store.

“Our store employee and the entire Shaw’s family apologize to Mr. Ferreira and his family…Our employee misinterpreted some statements, and for that we are truly sorry,” the store said.


Ferreira said he’s planning to take legal action after being asked not to return to the store when he asked a store manager to explain the supermarket’s alcohol identification policy when he and his wife were asked to show their identification cards.

“I’m with my wife and my son, we go to checkout, cashier asks, ‘Can I see your ID?’ of course, bing, I’m 26, I know how this works,” Ferreira told WGME-TV in Portland, Maine.

But the customer said he was confused after his wife was asked to show her card as well.

“I’ve just never heard of that before,” Ferreira told the outlet. 

Ferreira said shortly after a store manager came and asked: “What’s your problem?”

“We have no problem trying to be compliant, it’s just I’ve never experienced this before want to make sure it’s real and being done uniformly,” Ferreira recalled to the CBS affiliate.

But Ferreira said the manager told him at that point: “I don’t have to sell you alcohol. I don’t have to sell you anything.” 

He said the manager then cancelled the couple’s order.

Ferreira said that after arriving home, a police officer showed up to the family’s doorstep with a no-trespass order, which local police said the business has a right to request, according to WGME-TV. 

“I think there’s some implicit racial bias, she told the police she feared for her safety and the safety of her store, which is pretty insulting, I’m with my family; I’m holding my 19-month-old son,” Ferreira said.

Shaw’s said local police have been asked to rescind the no-trespass order and said in a statement to the local station that it plans to provide anti-bias training to its employees.


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