Brothel owner who won GOP primary accused of raping prostitute
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Nevada legal brothel owner and HBO "Cathouse" star Dennis Hof, who won a GOP primary to run for the Nevada state Assembly earlier this month, was accused in a newly released police report of raping a sex worker at his brothel in 2005.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Lyon County prosecutors closed the case due to a lack of physical evidence. Hof denied the incident.


Police released the report to local publication last week under public records law after a battle over the request. Police originally denied the request for the report in April by Lyon County District Attorney Stephen Rye, who cited a need to protect the victim’s identity. 

In the police report, the unidentified sex worker claimed that Hof entered her room where she was sleeping at his brothel, the Bunny Ranch II in Mound House, along with another sex worker, Christine Metzger.

The victim alleged Hof woke her up to have sex with him before asking Metzger to exit the room.

“Dennis pulls me close to him, opens my legs, and I pulled my legs together, said ‘no,’ and made excuses to try to leave or make him leave,” the victim said in her statement obtained by the paper.

The woman further claimed that she tried to stop Hof by making excuses before she soon “gave in.”

Although the alleged assault reportedly occurred in 2005, the unidentified woman didn’t report the incident until two years later, saying she had previously "acted like it was all okay" but "was tired of being hurt" and wanted to stand up for herself, according to the paper.

Metzger denied the sexual encounter to Lyon County police and said she “never saw any girl get sexually assaulted.” She also claimed she only met Hof once.

Hof took 43 percent of the vote earlier this month in beating out incumbent Assemblyman James Oscarson (R).

According to the publication, the account is just one of multiple allegations that have been made against him, including two other detailed sexual assault claims made by two former sex workers in 2009 and 2011.

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