American Council on Education vows Trump rescinding diversity guidelines ‘does not change’ approach
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The American Council on Education on Tuesday said the Trump administration’s reported decision to rescind Obama-era legal recommendations on using race in admissions decisions will not change its approach to admissions.

“Today, the Trump administration is sending precisely the wrong message to institutions that are committed to following four decades of Supreme Court precedent,” Ted Mitchell, the president of the American Council on Education, said in a statement.

Mitchell said the administration move arrives at a time when “our society grows ever more diverse and the need for engagement with individuals from other backgrounds is vitally important.” 


“Colleges and universities that consider race and ethnicity as one factor in a holistic admissions review are committed to following the law of the land. And make no mistake, this is the law of the land. Today’s announcement does not change that,” Mitchell said, adding that “the federal government should not threaten colleges and universities in their efforts to construct inclusive campuses.”

Mitchell’s remarks come in response to reports published by The Wall Street Journal and CNN earlier Tuesday stating that the Trump administration plans to rescind documents laying out legal recommendations and guidelines for educational institutions that want to promote diversity. The documents focused on how to properly use race in admissions. 

Rescinding the guidelines does not change policy. The guidelines provide an illustration of how schools should approach admissions within the law.

But the move also comes as Harvard and other colleges continue to face scrutiny over their admissions processes. 

Since Trump has taken office, his administration has also reversed a number of polices implemented under the Obama administration regarding education and the environment.

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