Major defense contractor fires employee who allegedly attended violent Charlottesville rally
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A man who was identified in a video assaulting an African-American man at the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year was fired from his contractor.

Major defense contractor Northrop Grumman confirmed on Friday that Michael Miselis, a PhD student who had a government security clearance as part of his work as a systems engineer at the company, would no longer be working for the company.

“The individual is no longer a Northrop Grumman employee,” Northrop Grumman spokesman Tim Paynter told The Washington Post in reference to Miselis.


The confirmation comes a day after the 29-year-old was seen in a video "pounding on" a black man during the rally last year. In the video, Miselis is seen shoving an African-American man to the ground and hitting him.

Miselis, according a ProPublica–Frontline investigation published Thursday, is a member of the Rise Above Movement (RAM), a Southern California group identified by the Anti-Defamation League as a white supremacist group.

In footage captured during protests in Charlottesville, members of the white supremacist group were seen assaulting counter-protesters. Miselis, according to the Post, is reportedly a member of a white-supremacist group.

Northrop published a statement on the report on Thursday, saying  it would “take immediate action to look into” the matter.

Northrop Grumman chief executive Wes Bush said in an email sent to employees on Friday morning and obtained by the Post that the company would “take the appropriate actions to make sure that our foundation remains strong well into the future.”

“There is no place in our company for those who demonstrate behaviors that are counter to our values,” Bush wrote in the email before announcing Miselis’s termination.

“If we allow such inconsistencies to be present in our company, we erode the foundation of our enterprise—our ethics and our integrity. Our leadership team will not allow that to happen, and we are determined to take the appropriate actions to ensure our foundation remains strong well into the future.”