Wife of new White House official made racially charged comments on Twitter: report
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The wife of President TrumpDonald John TrumpGrassley: Dems 'withheld information' on new Kavanaugh allegation Health advocates decry funding transfer over migrant children Groups plan mass walkout in support of Kavanaugh accuser MORE’s new deputy chief of staff for communications used to complain about not being allowed to say the n-word in rap lyrics and made other racially charged remarks on her Twitter account, Mediaite reported this week.

Darla Shine’s husband, Bill Shine, is a former Fox News executive who was hired by the Trump administration this week.

A Mediaite analysis from Friday found that Darla Shine, who wrote a blog for stay-at-home mothers, often commented about how she wanted to sing along to rap songs that included the n-word.


She deleted her Twitter account after her husband's new job was announced on Thursday, but Mediaite took screen shots of many of her posts before she did so.

“Just singing to one of my jams ‘Golddigger’ by Kanye West when I realized If I sing along to the verse ‘Broke N-----’ I might be a racist,” Shine wrote in July 2015.  

She tweeted over a dozen times about how black people should stop using the term, according to Mediaite.

“Take the N word out of the music — don’t want to feel guilty for singing songs with the N word in it,” she wrote in another tweet.

The Hill has reached out to the White House for comment.

Shine also defended Confederate flags and monuments during a nationwide debate after a white supremacist killed nine people inside a church in Charleston, S.C.

“OMG Critic calls for ‘Gone With The Wind’ ban over Confederate flag. What is wrong with everyone? Grow up!” She wrote in 2015.

She also pushed unfounded conspiracies against vaccination and African-Americans.

“1 out of 10 black boys has autism!” she tweeted in February 2016.

She often tweeted that vaccinations cause autism, something that has been scientifically disproven by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A HuffPost analysis from Friday found that Darla Shine also lashed out at women who have accused Fox News officials of sexual harassment.

Bill Shine has been accused of looking the other way while high-profile figures at the network reportedly harassed and discriminated against female employees.

Mediaite also found tweets attacking women like Monica Lewinsky and Stormy Daniels, who have been linked to presidents.

Darla Shine reportedly called Lewinsky a “lying opportunist whore” regarding her affair with former President Clinton.

She wrote that news outlets like CNN need to “stop glorifying whores who go after rich married men and then cry when the men don’t want them!”

She also repeatedly called adult-film star Daniels a series of insulting names, Mediaite reported.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is suing President Trump for defamation after he accused her of lying about their alleged affair.

Daniels was paid $130,000 by Trump’s then-personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, days before the 2016 election to keep quiet about the rumored relationship.

“I still don’t understand what the #StormyDaniels story is?” Darla Shine reportedly tweeted. “A whore has sex with older rich man and takes money for it. Oldest story in the books.”