Speeding state lawmaker asked cop to let him go because of his ‘immunity as a government official’: report


Republican Rep. Paul Mosley (Ariz.) was reportedly pulled over for driving 97 mph in a 55 mph zone and proceeded to tell the officer that he should be let go because of his “immunity as a government official.” 

According to a police report published by ParkerLive on Wednesday, Mosley was stopped by police in March after he was reportedly seen swerving in and out of traffic at “criminal” speeds.

But when the deputy exited his patrol vehicle, he wrote in the report, Mosley waved a placard outside his window indicating that he was an elected official. 

“I explained the reason for the stop to Mosley and asked if there was any reason he was traveling so fast,” the deputy wrote in the report. 

“I informed Mosley that 97 mph in a 55 mph zone is considered criminal speed. Mosley stated he was just in a hurry to get home to surprise his family in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Mosley also told me that I should just let him go and that I shouldn’t waste anymore of my time dealing with him due to his immunity as a government official,” the deputy continued.


According to the publication, under Arizona law, “Members of the legislature shall be privileged from arrest in all cases except treason, felony, and breach of the peace, and they shall not be subject to any civil process during the session of the legislature, nor for fifteen days next before the commencement of each session.” 

After the deputy left to run Mosley’s driver’s license, he reportedly walked back to the lawmaker’s vehicle and reminded him to be cautious of his speed. Mosley can then be seen on the officer’s body cam footage smirking while telling the officer that he sometimes drives faster.

Mosley can be heard saying on the video that he sometimes drives at “120, 130.” 

“Really?” the deputy replied.

“Yeah, this goes 140. That’s what I like about it,” Mosley can be heard saying while laughing, referring to his car. 

In a statement released Thursday, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department said the deputy properly handled the situation. 

“The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, like all Arizona law enforcement agencies, follow and enforce Arizona Revised Statutes,” the release reads. “In the recent traffic stop that was conducted on the Arizona Representative, the La Paz County Deputy was provided with information that the State was currently in Legislative Session. The Deputy acted properly during the traffic stop then forwarded the traffic offense to the County Attorney’s Office for review.”

The Cochise County Attorney’s Office told the publication that they will be looking into the matter after the La Paz County Attorney’s Office made a request for another agency to review Mosley’s reported behavior to avoid “the appearance of impropriety.” 

The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police also announced on Thursday that it has withdrawn its political endorsement of Mosley. 

“Rep. Mosley’s recklessness, his demeanor and his utter disregard for the safety of the public represent the exact opposite of what the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police looks for in an elected official,” John Ortolano, president of the organization, told the outlet.

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