MLB suspends deal with Papa John's after founder uses n-word

Major League Baseball indefinitely suspended its “Papa Slam” promotion with Papa John’s pizza company.

According to a report published by Yahoo Sports on Thursday, the league cancelled its deal with the company after it was reported the company’s founder John Schnatter used the N-word during a conference call in May.

Schnatter apologized for the remark, which was made during a media training exercise.

Forbes first reported on the comments Wednesday, stating that Schnatter used the racial slur after being asked how he would distance himself from racist groups.

“Colonel Sanders called blacks n-----s,” Schnatter reportedly said on the call.


Schnatter also reportedly said that when he was growing up in Indiana, people would drag black people from trucks until they died. He said the controversial comments were intended to show his opposition to racism, though others on the call reported being offended by his racially charged remarks. 

Schnatter resigned as company chairman late Wednesday after facing scrutiny for the remarks. 

Now the baseball league is distancing itself from the pizza company amid backlash, ending its two-year relationship with Papa John’s. 

The relationship began in 2016 when the league started referring to grand slams as “Papa Slams” and allowed fans to get 40 percent off their orders at the pizza company’s restaurants the day after a grand slam when using an online coupon code.