White man who wanted to ‘save the train from the black people’ pleads guilty to terrorism charge
© Greg Nash

A Missouri man pleaded guilty to a terrorism charge in federal court on Thursday after allegedly entering a secure engine compartment in an attempt stop an Amtrak train. 

Taylor Michael Wilson, of St. Charles, Mo., admitted in a plea deal that he was armed with a handgun in addition to cards “relating to the [National] Socialist Movement” when he boarded a train in California back in October, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Thursday. Wilson also admitted to disabling the train after it had entered Nebraska and cutting off the lights in the passenger compartment.

When Wilson was subdued by conductors, he reportedly yelled, “I’m the conductor now, bitch!” before reaching for his waistband.

There were 175 passengers aboard the train at the time of the incident, some of whom reportedly tried escaping through the windows.

According to additional details in his plea deal obtained by the Post-Dispatch that weren’t previously disclosed, Wilson was captured on a police officer’s body cam imitating shooting sounds at deputies and hurling racial slurs at the train’s conductor. He also reportedly called humans “a plague” on the planet. 


“I got a reason for doing what I’m doing. I stopped the f---ing train,” Wilson reportedly said in the plea deal. “I was going to save the train from the black people.”

When FBI agents raided the 26-year-old’s home they reportedly found writings containing “numerous derogatory and threatening comments about the Jewish race and African-Americans” in his journals.

The FBI also uncovered National Socialist propaganda hidden in hollowed-out sections in the defendant’s walls in addition to guns including a Pioneer Arms Corp. 7.62x25mm Tokarev PPS43-C and a short-barreled rifle. 

Wilson also agreed to plead guilty to possession of an unregistered firearm in federal court as part of the deal.