Less than one in 10 New York voters believe that Caroline Kennedy would be a better senator than Hillary Rodham Clinton (D), according to a new Rasmussen poll.

Just 9 percent of likely voters in the poll thought Kennedy would do better than Clinton, while 34 percent think that Kennedy would do worse. A plurality of voters -- 44 percent -- said that Kennedy would do about the same as Clinton, who is leaving the Senate to become secretary of State.

Most voters -- 59 percent -- think that Kennedy wouldn't be considered if she had a different last name.

The poll has some good news for Kennedy, who is hoping that Gov. David Paterson (D-N.Y.) appoints her to the upper chamber.

A majority of voters -- 63 percent -- have a favorable view of her while just 31 percent have an unfavorable view of her.

She also has a large lead over Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) in a hypothetical 2010 match-up for the seat. She gets 51 percent of the vote while King gets just 33 percent.