Police investigating shots fired at Democratic office in New York
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Police said shots were fired through the window of the Albany County Democratic Committee's headquarters on Tuesday night. 

According The Times Union, six rounds were fired through the window. Some of the damage hit the office window of the committee chairman Jack Flynn, who told the paper he often worked late there.

"It's pretty scary, because I could have actually been there," Flynn told the local publication. "I'm glad that nobody was hurt."

"I believe there was an intent to make a statement," Flynn continued.


Police told the local paper that they discovered nine bullet holes at the building that were made between the time staffers left the building on Tuesday night and arrived the next morning. Police also said they found “at least one hole [that] may have been there as early as last week.” 

"It's concerning any time anybody attempts to fire a gun in our city," Officer Steve Smith, a spokesperson for Albany police, told the paper. "Thankfully this was after hours. Nobody was in that office."

Albany police shared a photo of the gun-riddled window and said in the tweet that the police department is currently investigating the incident. 

Earlier this month, a GOP office in Nebraska was also vandalized overnight, according to ABC 15.

Local police reported broken windows in addition to the words "abolish ICE" written on the sidewalk in front of the building.